Asturias Food Map

Looking for somewhere to eat? Want to buy groceries like the locals do? Need a quiet place to get a drink? Want to see where cider is made? Ever been in a cheese cave? This is an interactive food map of Asturias to aid you in planning your next adventure. Here you can learn about each individual concejo, and find points of interest that match your desires. Cider llagares, beer breweries, cheese makers, bakeries, and other foodie points of interest are all here for you to discover.

As I add more places to the site, each one will appear on the food map, with an overview of what they offer, and a link to a more in depth article if I have visited them personally.

In addition to this map, there is also a calendar of food events that includes festivals, competitions, and all of the infrequent market days not on this map. That should make it easy to find something to do every day of the week.