Comments are welcome on many of the posts and recipes on this site. Well-behaved commentors are a joy to interact with, and make all of our online interactions richer and more rewarding. Additional information, constructive criticism, and personal anecdotes are tons of fun to read, and are one of the reasons I started this blog.

Obnoxious, mean-spirited, rude, or overtly political comments are not welcome, and will not be approved by me. I see this site as an extension of my life, like my home, and all of you as my invited guests. I expect my guests to behave with a minimum of decorum, and have no problem escorting the disruptive ones outside.

So, be nice to each other. Be nice to me. Enjoy your time here and speak to others and you’d like to be spoken to.

This is one of the policies of Eating Asturias. Below are all the policy documents covering the site and it’s use: