Asturian Food Suppliers in the United States

From Eating Asturias, the Encyclopedia of Asturian Gastronomy

Some of my recipes require ingredients that can be hard to find in an average American grocery store. Or perhaps you just really want an authentic sausage or cider or cheese. So, if you need a unique ingredient from Asturias, this is the place to look for an Asturian food supplier. I endeavor to keep this list up to date and somewhat complete. Do you know of a good supplier of Asturian or Asturian-style products in North America that ships widely and is reasonably priced? If so, please let me know so I can see about adding them to this list.

General Suppliers

I recommend the kind folks at Crivencar, who run the Productos de Asturias website, and who have an export desk to help you get your Asturian food items safely into the States.

In the US, there is probably no better source than Despaña. While not focused solely on Asturian products, they have a good selection at great prices and ship all over the country. Their specific offerings are detailed below in each section.


Despaña – they have a small selection of Asturian cheeses, including afuegu’l pitu, ahumado de Pria, cuevas del mar, and Los Beyos.

Forever Cheese – They are an importer of several Asturian cheeses (among many other European products). They do not sell directly, but they can help you find your closest cheesemonger with the Asturian cheeses they import, which includes Gamonéu and Cabrales

Sausages and Other Meats

Aurelia’s – American made, from an Asturian recipe, and properly smoked, this is your best non-import option for an authentic tasting Asturian chorizo.

Despaña – NYC based Importer and producer of Spanish style sausages and wines. Their morcilla is a traditional Asturian type.

Cider, Beer, and Wine

Ciders of Spain – On the west coast of the US, and in the northeast, you can find the real deal imported from Asturias through the Ciders of Spain Locator.

ANXO – Washington DC based cider maker and restaurant. Their Sidra Verde is good, and they ship to most of the US.

Despaña – They carry Trabanco sidra natural which is the brand most available all over Asturias.


Despaña – A good selection of Spanish spices, including pimentón de la Vera.