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DOP[1] Cabrales is the regulatory body for the Cabrales cheese. The official name of the group is Consejo Regulador D.O.P. Queso Cabrales.

Inaugurated in 1981 by recognition of the EU, it began certifying cheese makers in the next year.

In 2000 the DOP created Fundación Cabrales, a sub-organism for the management of the ripening caves used in the production of Cabrales cheese. The foundation also operates a model cheese ripening cave open to visitors in the village of Arenas de Cabrales.




Telephone: +34 985 84 53 35

Address: Carretera General, s/n Carreña de Cabrales Asturias 33555

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  1. DOP stands for Denominación de origen protegida and in English is Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). See Asturian Quality Marks for a more complete discussion.