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Bodegón con pan, jamón, queso y verduras
Meléndez, Luis Egidio. Bodegón con pan, jamón, queso y verduras. ~1772. Oil on canvas. Museum of Fine Art. Boston

ecipes are a record of how we cook. What ingredients we value, and what techniques we turn to time and again. They reveal the culture our food exists in, and point the way to new and interesting combinations. Combinations of tastes, of textures, of whole cuisines even. This collection of Asturian recipes is a record of Asturian food culture as it exists in the early 21st century.

These are my recipes for Asturian dishes. Both the classics of the region and some new innovations are here. For each recipe I give you some history; and explain how it fits into Asturian cuisine more widely. More importantly, these are the recipes I cook and eat. They are a living, vital, part of life here in Asturias. Certainly, I look at them with a foreign eye. And I look at how they can be tweaked, simplified, or improved. After all, that is what a chef does, and I will never not be a chef. But make no mistake. These are all authentic Asturian recipes. They come from the long history of regional cooking here. I strive to remain faithful not only to the traditions, but to the feel of the recipes.

For more general information on how I develop, test, and write recipes, please see my Notes on Recipes. If you would like to republish or adapt one of my recipes, please see my Recipe Attribution Policy.