Mieres Weekly Market

From Eating Asturias, the Encyclopedia of Asturian Gastronomy

The Mieres market is one of the larger weekly markets in Asturias. There are 150+ vendors spread out on 6 streets around the Plaza del Mercado. There is of course the standard village market stuff (clothes, shoes, linens). However, the market in Mieres has a lot of used book sellers and a nice assortment of less common booths. I have seen walking sticks, pocket knives, and handmade jewelry among the offerings.

There are the standard market offerings: socks, pseudo-sporty clothes, underwear, knick knacks, and household linens. There are a large number of used book merchants, and it is really easy (for me anyway) to spend a couple hours perusing their wares.

The Mieres market food vendors include fresh fruits and vegetables, bulk potatoes, cheeses, and all sorts of sausages. There is even an olive vendor that is a reliable source of top quality kalamata olives. Those are not so easy to find in Asturias, regardless of what the proximity to Greece might have you thinking. There is a serious variety of embutidos and chorizos on offer, both local and from neighboring León. Because of the size of the market, most of the shops (and all of the bars) in the center of town are open, making this is a lovely place to get some shopping done on Sunday. That in itself is a reason to visit in my opinion! In a country where it seems like even the police and hospital take Sunday off, it is nice to have somewhere to go that is bustling the other half of the weekend. If there is nothing else going on in Asturias, you are likely to find me here on Sundays. It is only 10 minutes from my house, after all.