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I have elsewhere delved into what makes a sidrería special - not quite a bar, not quite a restaurant. This is an index of the ones I think are the most worth your time to visit. I can't guarantee that you'll have the time of your life, as each persons tastes are different, but I can say that if you visit any of these sidrerías, you will have an authentic experience. I have specifically avoided the places that cater to tourists. I do not do this because they are bad, but simply because you do not need my help to find them. They will come find you!

Instead, these are the sorts of places that you will find the locals gathered in. In some cases, places where the same family has been eating or working there for three or four generations.

Sidrería Concentrations

In many cities and towns in Asturias, sidrerías tend to congregate in specific areas. This is excellent for the visitor (as well as the local) as it allows visiting several places in a short amount of time, and offers a variety of experiences in a small area. These are some of the liveliest places in the city they are in, and well worth a visit.


In addition to the general sidrería zones above, there are individual sidrerías I recommend checking out. For one reason or another (explained on the entry for each one) these stand out to me as excellent examples of the sidrería experience.