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When is a bar not a bar? When you're in Spain of course. Spain plays fast and loose with language, and nowhere is that more in evidence than in how it names places to eat and drink. So if you are looking for a place to drink, you probably want to avoid places called "bar" and look instead for one of these types below.

Check out Restaurant Types In Asturias for the low down on the confusing naming.

Beer Bars

The cervecería is where you want to go to get a beer or three. This is doubly true if you want craft beer.

Cocktail Bars

From swank to dank, these are my favorite spots for liquor drinks.

Vermutería La Pequeña

Per Se Café


Cider Bars

The chigre is the Asturian answer to the pub.

Chigre Orbayu

Beach Bars

What's better than day drinking on vacation? Day drinking at the beach!

El Castru - Playa de Andrín, Llanes

La Pandina - Playa San Antolín, Naves