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The flagship beer of Nurse, this is a solid American IPA. European beers in general, and Spanish ones in particular, trend much sweeter than their American counterparts. Because of that I tend to be very skeptical of any beer in Spain calling itself an American style IPA. American IPAs are diesel trucks of sour and hop flavors, with a lot of punch and not a lot of sweetness. It’s a really hard flavor profile to sell in Spain, so you don’t see a lot of true versions of it.

This however, is a legit American IPA. Maybe it’s slightly less resinous than a Bell’s Two Hearted, but it’s right there with Stone IPA for sweetness lingering under the initial hop punch. I foresee my IPA starved American palate seeing a lot of this beer in the future.

Style Guidelines

  • Color: Light Brown (18 SRM)
    • Standard: Pale to copper (4-12(8-24 EBC) SRM)
  • Clarity: Chill haze, and some slight hop haze.
    • Standard: Chill haze is acceptable at low temperatures. Hop haze is allowable at any temperature.
  • Perceived Malt Aroma & Flavor: Medium malt flavor
    • Standard: Medium-low to medium intensity malt attributes are present in aroma and flavor
  • Perceived Hop Aroma & Flavor: Good floral hop flavor. High levels of hops.
    • Standard: High to very high, exhibiting a wide range of attributes including floral, piney, citrus, fruity (berry, tropical, stone fruit and other), sulfur, diesel-like, onion-garlic, catty, resinous, and many others.
  • Perceived Bitterness: Medium-high bitterness (50 IBUs)
    • Standard: Medium-high to very high (50-70 IBUs)
  • Fermentation Characteristics: Fruity esters present. Medium-low carbonation
    • Standard: Fruity esters are low to high. Diacetyl and DMS should not be present.
  • Body: Medium-Low
    • Standard: Medium-low to medium

Tasting Notes

Lots of floral hops here. The Columbus hops predominate, with the floral bouquet at almost room-filling “volume” initially. The aftertaste is full of Amarillo citrus notes and stinkiness I love in an IPA.